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Important information

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DJ Andrew will need up to an hour to set up and up to an hour to pack away.

If you're booking a venue, make sure to allow enough time before and after.



Some DJs have a million tracks on their hard drive, so they can take literally any request. Other DJs take a set list and stick to it like glue. DJ Andrew is somewhere in between. As he only uses physical media, he won't bring a million records or CDs. But he's happy to take requests for must-play songs. Obviously this is easier in advance, but he'll also bring enough spare music to an event to "read the floor" and play the tunes people want to hear. For example, if it's a 80s party, and someone says "have you got any Rick Astley?", the answer will be yes. If you have any specific requests that must be played, then as long as Andrew gets 2 weeks notice, he can make sure he brings those songs. In general, DJ Andrew plays "clean" versions of songs (or "radio edits") which means less swearing. Sorry, but no Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris or R Kelly. If there's anything else you don't want to hear, just let us know.



A smoke machine is great for creating a retro feel, but some venues don't like them. For example they could set off a fire alarm. If you'd like us to use a smoke machine, please check with the venue that they don't mind it being used. There is a charge of £20 for use of a smoke machine, mainly to cover the cost of the special fluid used.

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